Pension Planning

The government is allowing us greater access to our pension funds than ever before. These new freedoms will give us far more choice to how we organise our retirement money.

There has been a number of changes to the pension market over the years and while the state pension provides many with the security of having a small guaranteed income, in today’s world it’s not really enough on its own for anyone to live on and the government encourages us to save for our retirement by making pension contributions tax free and introducing new schemes like auto-enrolment to help make sure we are not reliant only on the state pension. But with everyone having different incomes, lifestyles, and retirement plans there are a number of different routes, financial products and ways to draw income at retirement.

Retirement plans can be complex, which is why many clients come to our advisers for help with their concerns, queries or ambitions in relation to their personal pension plan, a company pension, a SIPP or about taking income at retirement. Putting aside a regular amount of money during your working life is probably the best method to ensure you have sufficient income during your retirement.

Although there are other ways to save, pensions tend to be the cornerstone of many of our clients' income at retirement. There is no wrong or right way to save for your retirement benefits; the key however is to have a plan that maps how you intend to save. This is where we can help you identify and achieve your goals when planning for retirement.

If you have one or a number of old pension policies and are unaware of their benefits and require an overview, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 020 8532 9610

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